Can you infer?

What do you think these tools are used for?

Who uses these toys?


The finding Nemo story

One frustrating day mini Nemo was swimming under the deep of the blue.

When he said I want to  become  a pirate not just Nemo .

So he started looking  for pirates Nemo is a adventures fish

because likes to go on dandrus adventures in the icy sea.

He has orange and black and white stripes and he is very little.

So he pocked his head out of the warter and started looking  for pirates .

Far in the in the disdance Nemo saw a old and dusty pirate ship.

He was so excited that he went to tell his fishy friends

he lives in some coulorful rocks  at the bottom of the the blue sea.

“Come let me show you the pirate ship” said Nemo they all went up.

Here they are said   Nemo but just then the Pirates fishnapped  Nemo

They wanted fish and chips for dinner .

“we are going to bake you” said the Pirates

all of  a sudden the pirates heard a noise it was Olaf in his  speedboat And he was so lucky that Olaf came  with snowballs he threw the snowballs at the Pirates and one even went in there chips .

“ergh frozen chips” said  the  pirate with the black eye-pach .

The pirates were very scared because they don’t like the cold .

Olaf has a bright orange carrot on his face  two brown sticks for his arms three black buttons and another stick on his head for hair.

Olaf is having fun pelting snowballs at the Pirates

“I love doing this”said Olaf.

Thank you for all your  help  said Nemo the Pirates disided to

let Nemo go  because they didn’t like it when Olaf was pelting snowballs at them .

He fell in the ocaen and swam back to his house just all his

frends and family said ” surprise Nemo jumped his mum said it is a party for you its ‘ your welcome back party we missed you Nemo was feeling spectacular to be home .



We have four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring from march to may , our Easter holiday in spring time. Summer from June to August , our school holiday in this season. Autumn from  September to November. My birthday and my mom’s birthday is in this season so I love autumn. Winter from December to February, its time of snow and frost. Christmas in winter time.

My toy review

Name of  toy: TeddeyAge

Age  of  players:evrewn  one  can  play  with   it  because it

is  soft  to  with.

Movement:my  toy  mots  when  I  mors  it  and  it  fates  a  part.

Appearance:it  has  soft  fur  and  it  has  black  fur  eyes.

why  I  like  this  toy:I  like  this  toy  becose  I  got  this

toy  for  my  preet  and  I  this   toy  becose  it  has  my  Favret


My review

Name of toy : transformer

age of players:5-14

movement:it only move when you play with it.

appeararance: it looks like a triceratops because it has lots of

horns and its purple and red . And I like to play with it because

it is fun and I can  move it and I can transform

good review you’re eueuue written in full sentences and

used cammeehiesp

My toy review

Name of toy:Elenaa the seal.

Age of toy : 6-16

Movement:My seal can not move by itself  but I can take it everywhere .

Appearance: She feels soft . And her eyes are hard. Her whiskers are like string  . She looks like a pink jellyfish. She is not huge she is just too big to fit in my pocket.

Why i like this toy: I like this toy because it’s soft and it was a present from my cousin  so it’s special to me.


My toy review

Name of toys:podol

Age of players:6&9

movment: I have to move it myself

Appearance: She’s is soft she is pink.and feels real soft.

Why i like this toy: I like the toy because it is soft and cuddly.

My toy review?

Name of toy:remote control car.

Age of players: 5&4years old

move ment: It move when you move the remote and you need  some batrries to move it and remote car move when you push the wheels

Appearance : It has string top of the car and it has red colour and it has 4 wheels and also it has black window.

Why I like this toy:I like this toy because it my favirourt toy and it’ s excited . I like the remotes control  and the remote control car.So it make my car go far.


My review ?

Name. Of toy:cap Amrik

age of  players:  big boys can play with my toy

Move m ent I nee to move my toy

Appeararance. Captun Amrikacan move his arms and legs body Andy fas

Why I like be  it can move his arms and legs and body’ and he is a soopheero

Grandpaents and Graitgranparents toys

I think my Grandparents played with leep frog. They might of played the wooden rattle and Monopoly but i played it too.